Everyday Deodorant 30g

Everyday Deodorant 30g

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Vegan. All Natural. Richly Nourishing. Perfect Pit wear!

This deodorant is not designed to stop your persperation. It is designed to work in a soft and gentle way, supporting cells to breathe, clean and self deoderize buy supporting with natural rosemary and zinc. providing qualities of antioxidants, immune strengthening, cellular support, and nourishing plant based formula.

Provided in a biodegradable easy apply tube, no digging or warming required to activate this product.

When you change to everyday deoderant you may find it takes a few days to a week for your body to change from its pervious ways.. continued use improves effectiveness. If you are very active or sweaty, then try the Active day deoderant instead for a higher degree of impact.


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    Ingredients are Fractionated Coconut Oil, Candelilla, organic Shea butter, Oat silc, Zinc oxide, rosemary essential oil, lavendar essential oil, organic calendula