Healy Resonance

Healy Resonance

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Healy Resonance

The Ultimate in frequency therapy. Includes more then 120 Healy Programs, over 144,000 frequencies PLUS the unique full advantage of the Healy Analysis module.


This feature sets the Resonance apart from the other editions.  It suits Doctors, practitioners and other health professionals, plus individual users who want the support of the analysis tool, which can suggest the sequence of frequencies to be applied but also the suitable dietary supplements foods, etc for the best outcomes.

In addition to this it also has the Aura analysis module, analysis in this field providing suitable information of the emotional backgroundand ways of optimization.

Using this yourself or with a therapist or Doctor if any signs of disease appear as present is why many patients and therapists alike have reported this as helpful.

With the nature of social distancing requirements, this Edition can also be used via means of the quantum field to provide support through remote or distance healing sessions.

Have any questions.. Please watch the video located here

Interested? Want to experience this yourself? We can arrange a no obligation demonstration at One Health and Wellness or in your home/office.. Contact Us



    ealy is a gradeII medical device designed for personal use. It has been approved for use for treatment of pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal and migraine related pain. Aswell as the treatment of mental health including anxiety, depression and sleep related disorders. All other applications are not recognised by conventional medicine due to lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine (Disclaimer; HealyWorld Brochure EN)


    If you are unsatisfied with your Healy device, it can be returned to Healy World Head Office within 14 days of receipt of your device. Contact us to ask how at least 4 days before day 14.


    Please note: Due to this product coming from Europe into Australia and the current popularity of this product to the market, there is currently a 5-6week duration of getting your Healy to you.

    Healy is shipped directly from the warehouse and sent via DHL. You will receive an email from them when your Healy is in your country with an ETA, and tracking information.

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